Series K Helical Bevel gearbox

Series K Helical Bevel gearbox

Series K right angle drive helical bevel helical geared motors offer ratios from 8 : 1 to 160 : 1 in three stages or up to 10,000 : 1 in five stages and 36,000 : 1 in 6 stages. Motors are available up to 90kW and output torque capacity up to 12,300Nm.

The Series K geared motor is designed with integral cast feet for base or end mounting and can be offered with single or double extended output shafts. Units are also available shaft mounted or with output flanges and are available for mounting horizontally or vertically. The units can also be offered with a bolt on torque reaction bracket and all variants are available either motorised or with an input shaft assembly.

Adding to the range of geared motors this product takes advantage of our many years of accumulated design expertise together with the use of high quality materials and components. The end result is a series of speed reducing geared motors offering high load carrying capacities, increased efficiency, quiet running and reliability.

The range includes: 9 sizes of unit K03, K04, K05, K06, K07, K08, K09, K10 and K12.

  • Version B – standard unit with feet
  • Version F or H – standard unit with output flange
  • Version T or Q – standard unit with torque bracket


Unit Types:

Unit type M – Motorised with IEC standard motor

Unit type N – Motorised with NEMA standard motor

Unit type H – Motorised with high efficiency motor (IE2 or EPACT)

Unit type E – Motorised with NEMA high efficiency motor (EPACT)

Unit type G – Unit to allow fitting of IEC motor

Unit type A – Unit to allow fitting of NEMA motor

Unit type R – Reducer unit

Unit type S – Reducer unit with fan kit

Unit type W – Reducer unit with backstop CCW rotation

Unit type X – Reducer unit with backstop CW rotation

Unit type Y – Reducer unit with fan and backstop CW rotation

Unit type Z – Reducer unit with fan and backstop CCW rotation


Design Features Include:

Patented standard motor connection (IEC or NEMA).

Ability to fit double oil seals, on output shaft or reducer input shaft as required.

All units are dimensionally interchangeable with other major European manufacturers.

Braked geared motors are available as standard.

Units are manufactured and assembled from a family of modular kits for distributor friendliness minimising inventory and maximising availability.

Motorised units can be fitted with a backstop module and reducer units can be fitted with a backstop and fan.

As improvements in design are being made continually this specification is not to be regarded as binding in detail and drawings and capacities are subject to alteration without notice. Certified drawings will be sent on request.