Inverter Drives


IMAG offer the full range of WEG Inverter drives:


WEG CFW100 Mini Drive


WEG CFW100 Mini Drive


The smallest Drive on the market. The CFW100 covers power levels from 0.18 to 0.75 kW (0.25 to 1 HP).

Features and Benefits

  • Power range: 0.18 to 0.75 kW (0.25 to 1 HP)
  • Single-phase
  • Power supply voltage: 200-240 V
  • Scalar control (V/F) or vector control (VVW)
  • Overload capacity: 150% corrient in 60 sec
  • External RFI Filter (accessory)
  • Ambient temperature -10 ºC to 50 ºC (14 °F to 122 °F)
  • All the electronic boards are conformally coated classified as 3C2 according to IEC 60721-3-3 standard
  • Protection Degree IP20
  • HMI with 2 Parameters built-in
  • SoftPLC function built-in
  • Flash memory module: In few seconds, it is possible to download the programming from a CFW100 to others without powering them up
  • Plug-in modules: I/Os, USB, Bluetooth®, Infrared and Fieldbus communication
  • Communication protocols: Modbus RTU (RS-485) and CANopen
  • WLP and SuperDrive G2 free software


WEG CFW300 High-Performance VSD


WEG CFW300 Inverter


The CFW300 is a high-performance VSD for three-phase induction motors ideal for machines or equipment that require precise control and easy operation.

With a compact size, contactor-like installation, selectable WEG vector (VVW) or scalar (V/F) control mode, built-in HMI, SoftPLC, free WPS programming software and plug-in accessories that can be incorporated to add more functionalities, it provides a flexible solution at a great price.


WEG CFW500 Machinery Drive


WEG CFW500 Machinery Drive


Fast commissioning and infinite possibilities, make this Drive perfect for machines.

The CFW500 covers power levels from 0.18 to 15 kW (0.25 to 20 HP).






The CFW501 HVAC is a variable-speed drive intended for use with asynchronous motors when heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration applications are to be met.






With main focus to fulfill requirements for general purpose applications, the CFW700 series covers power levels ranging from 1.1 to 110kW (1.5 to 175 HP).






When it comes to energy savings, the CFW701 is the right shot for HVAC applications.





A new generation of VSDs with high-tech features built in.

The CFW-11 is fitted with Plug and Play technology and can automatically recognize, set accessories and optionals. Available in power ratings from 1,1 to 370 kW.


WEG MW500 Decentralized Drive


MW500 Decentralized Drive


A Decentralized solution brings independence for all applications. Unit can be mounted onto a WEG Electric motor or on a wall.

The MW500 covers power levels from 0.75 to 3.7 kW (1.0 to 5.0 HP).


WEG Medium Voltage MVW-01




Designed to drive and vary speed of medium voltage motors, the MVW-01 consists of a multi-level structure of medium voltage IGBT (6.5 kV) reducing the harmonic content of motor current to extremely low values.


WEG Soft Start Units




  • Soft-Starter SSW-05
  • Soft-Starter SSW-06
  • Soft-Starter SSW-07
  • Soft-Starter SSW-08
  • SSW7000-Medium Voltage Soft-Starter


IMAG also offer the full range of Leroy Somer drives:


Leroy Somer Commander C

Leroy Somer Commander

Commander C Highlights

✓ Set just 4 parameters to get your drive started
✓ Plug-in options for advanced control
✓ Dual Safe Torque Off (STO)
✓ Equipped with the latest energy saving features
✓ Up to 180% overload for high torque applications
✓ On board PLC
✓ Straightforward installation and commissioning
✓ Easy motor pairing and performance control
✓ Robust and reliable design


Leroy Somer Unidrive M


Unidrive M


0.25 kW – 2.8 MW

Unidrive M – an industrial drive family that is tailored to customer needs.

Unidrive M is designed specifically for industrial applications. Led by the results of extensive customer-driven market research, we have tailored each Unidrive M model to specific application needs identified within industry.

Unidrive M is evolving the future of industry with the latest drive technology which includes over 21 patents granted and 42 patents pending.


Leroy Somer Commander ID300


Leroy Somer Commander ID300


Integrated drive solution for IMfinity® motors.
0.25kW to 7.5kW.
Combined with our IMfinity® induction motors, the Commander ID300 drive features a control and protection algorithm for an optimized operation. The motor and drive perfectly match with our FFB brake, and 3000 gearbox ranges.


  • Decentralized drive system combining performances and reliability to meet the requirements of Process, Manufacturing and Intra Logistics applications.
  • Thanks to the onboard safety features, your machines and users are protected (2 Safe Torque Off – SIL3 / Ple – TUV certified).
  • The system offers high dynamic performance and a higher level of energy efficiency than the IES2 system classification.
  • Flexible and modular, it includes many options and features (PLC, application preset configuration, intuitive consoles, field bus etc).
  • Easy to use, its interfaces allow quick access for commissioning and diagnostics.


IMAG also now offer the full range of Nord frequency inverters:


Nord SK180E Nordac Base Frequency Inverter

Economical decentralized version for simple drive applications. Low installation costs as well as robust design for simple installation outside the control cabinet.

Stand-alone operation.
4 parameter sets.
Sensorless current vector control (ISD control).
Integrated PLC.

Sizes: 2
Voltage: 1~ 110 – 120 V, 1~ 200 – 240 V, 3~ 200 – 240 V, 3~ 380 – 500 V
Power: 0.25 – 2.2 kW

SK180E Nordac Base Frequency Inverter


Nord SK200E Nordac Flex Frequency Inverter

Decentralized drive unit with versatile installation options. Simple commissioning and maintenance through extensive plug-in capability and simple parameter transfer via EEPROM.

Energy saving function.
Integrated POSICON positioning control.
Integrated PLC.

Sizes: 4
Voltage: 1~ 110 – 120 V, 1~ 200 – 240 V, 3~ 200 – 240 V, 3~ 380 – 500 V
Power: 0.25 – 22 kW

SK200E Nordac Flex Frequency Inverter


Nord SK500E Nordac Pro Frequency Inverter

The VFD for all drive applications: Proven technology, large power range and capable of functional expansion with plug-in option modules. Optimized heat dissipation thanks to the variable cooling concept.

Stand-alone operation.
4 parameter sets.
Sensorless current vector control (ISD control).
Integrated PLC.

Sizes: 11
Voltage: 1~ 110 – 120 V, 1~ 200 – 240 V, 3~ 200 – 240 V, 3~ 380 – 480 V
Power: 0.25 – 160 kW

SK500E Nordac Pro Frequency Inverters


Nord SK500P Nordac Pro Frequency Inverters

The next generation of control cabinet VFD. Compact size, innovative and extremely flexible communication and interface concept, functional expansion with optional modules.

Precise current vector control with high overload reserves for operating asynchronous and synchronous motors.
Universal interface for real time Ethernet.
Integrated PLC for drive-related functions even in the basic device.

Sizes: 3
Voltage: 1~ 200 – 240 V, 3~ 380 – 480 V
Power: 0.25 – 5.5 kW

SK500P Nordac Pro Frequency Inverters