Flexible Couplings

Nylicon Gear Couplings


Nylicon Gear Couplings


Radicon Nylicon gear couplings are able to compensate for all types of shaft misalignment.

They are easy to assemble and require no maintenance which ensures they provide a high quality service in the most inhospitable environments and require absolutely no maintenance.


Elign Gear Couplings


Elgin coupling


A Flexible Coupling is used to join two rotating shafts for efficient transmission of mechanical power. Although the shafts are accurately aligned at the time of installation, it is likely that during the operation the alignment may get disturbed due to setting of foundation, thermal expansion, shaft deflection, wearing out of other parts, improper maintenance and many more reasons.

Features & Benefits

  • Higher Width to Height ratio. Teeth are wider and more stronger.
  • Larger Bores / Lower Weights / Compacts.
  • Manufactured from Carbon Steel of CK-45 / En 9 / 42CrMo4 Grade.
  • High Tensile Fitted Bolts – 12.9 Grade.
  • Available in Pilot Bore or with Finished Bore & Key-Way.
  • Triple Crowned and Barreled Hobbed Teeth manufactured on CNC Hobbing Machine for Max. Strength, Flexibility & Long Life.


Elflex Pin & Bush – Flexible couplings


Elflex Pin & Bush - Flexible couplings


Flexible couplings transmit torque from one shaft to another and are particularly useful in cases where a limited amount of misalignment of the shaft is unavoidable. Elflex flexible couplings are cushioned drive type couplings that transmit the torque through rubber bushes which have an excellent capacity to absorb shocks.


Cone Ring couplings


Cone Ring couplings


Cone Ring couplings offer vastly improved torsional flexibility with a limited freedom of axial movement because of their series of rubber ‘conical section’ rings.

More Info

Types 611, 613, are available with bore sizes up to 170mm diameter and a basic rated torque up to 23500 Nm. They accommodate all types of shaft misalignment met in normal operation, being a development of the old pin and bush design that it resembles in its simplicity and ease of dismantling.

It differs fundamentally in the way its resilient material behaves by substituting the parallel bush with a series of rubber ‘conical section’ rings.This provides greatly improved torsional flexibility together with a limited freedom of axial movement of one connected shaft relative to the other.

Flexible Cone Ring couplings are also available with taper bushes type 613 with bore sizes up to 125mm diameter, providing ease of assembly and dismantling together with flexibility to change shaft sizes by changing only the taper bushes.