Nord geared motors

Industrial Motors and Gears (IMAG) are leading suppliers of NORD geared motors which can be configured for almost any application.

IMAG work closely with our customers to find the optimum solution for on site drive requirements. Millions of NORD geared motors are already in use throughout the world and provide ultimate performance in various industries every day and NORD geared motors not only have a high performance, they also have a high axial and radial load capacity. Thanks to our universal gear unit concept, users also benefit from rapid rebuilding times and simplified stocks.

Here are four key benefits of choosing NORD geared motors from IMAG:

The gear units provide high axial and radial load capacities and achieve high drive torques of up to 100,000 Nm.

The UNICASE housing combines high precision, rigidity and strength.

If required, we can supply all of our geared motors with brakes and many other options.

Thanks to a modular concept, you can combine the gear units with all motors from the NORD range.

NORD electric motors with gear units achieve torques of up to 100,000 Nm and speed ratios of up to 14,340.31:1. The drive units run quietly and can be operated at various speeds with the aid of a variable speed drive.


Nord Unicase Helical Gear Unit

Foot or flange mounted.
Long life, low maintenance.
Optimum sealing.
UNICASE housing.

Sizes: 11
Power: 0.12 – 160 kW
Torque: 10 – 26,000 Nm
Ratio: 1.35:1 – 14,340.31:1

Unicase Helical Gear Units


Nord Nordbloc Helical Gear Unit

Foot or flange mounted.
Die-cast aluminium housing.
UNICASE housing.
Industry standard dimensions.

Sizes: 13
Power: 0.12 – 37 kW
Torque: 30 – 3,300 Nm
Ratio: 1.07:1 – 456.77:1

Nordbloc Helical Gear Units


Nord Unicase Parallel Shaft Gear Unit

Foot, flange or face mounted.
Hollow or solid shaft.
Compact design.
Cast iron or aluminium UNICASE housing.

Sizes: 15
Power: 0.12 – 200 kW
Torque: 110 – 100,000 Nm
Ratio: 4.03:1 – 15,685.03:1

Unicase Parallel Shaft Gear Units


Nord Unicase Bevel Gear Unit

Foot, flange or face mounted.
Hollow or solid shaft.
UNICASE housing.

Sizes: 11
Power: 0.12 – 200 kW
Torque: 180 – 50,000 Nm
Ratio: 8.04:1 – 13,432.68:1

Unicase Bevel Gear Units


Nord Universal Worm Gear Unit

Universal mounting options.
Life-long lubrication.
IEC version.

Sizes: 5
Power: 0.12 – 4.0 kW
Torque: 21 – 427 Nm
Ratio: 5.00:1 – 3,000.00:1

Universal Worm Gear Units


Nord MAXX Drive Industrial Gear Unit

All bearing points and sealing-surfaces are machined in a single operation.
No separating joints in the housing, therefore no sealing-surfaces subject to torque.
High-precision axis alignment for quiet running.
Long life, low maintenance.
Gear ratio range 5.60 to 400:1 with the same foot dimensions.
Parallel axis and right-angled gear units.

Sizes: 11
Power: 1.5 – 4,000 kW
Torque: 15,000 – 250,000 Nm
Ratio: 5.60:1 – 30,000:1

MAXX Drive Industrial Gear Unit


Nord Geared Motors with NSD Tuph Surface Protection

NORD Drives and Industrial Motors and Gears now have an answer for the requirements of drive technology for extreme environment conditions in the variety of products with which you are familiar for standard geared motors – however, with the resistance of stainless steel and an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The aluminium surface is coated with a special process to make it extremely durable. Together with a special sealing process, this layer is up to 7 times harder than the basic aluminium material and up to 1000 times harder than paints and lacquers – and so has very low wear characteristics.

It therefore provides unique protection against corrosion, as it is not a paint layer which can detach or flake off.

Nord Geared Motors with NSD Tuph Surface Protection

UK companies have come to rely on (and trust) Industrial Motors and Gears in the selecting, assembling and delivering of reliable drive solutions to meet the demands of industry today.

We build gearboxes on the accurate assessment of each drive application, providing a drive solution which will serve efficiently and effectively for many years to come!

  • Reliable gear units with one-piece UNICASE housing can cater for any load
  • Powerful motors up to IE4 keep drive systems in motion in all operating situations
  • Intelligent drive electronics provide exactly the control options which you need

Nord Geared Motors from Industrial Motors and Gears – NORD Gears are considered an innovative leader in the power transmission industry.