Medium and High Voltage Motors

W22 Line – High Voltage Motors


W22 line high voltage motors


Taking the new designed platform of W22 line for LV motors, Weg developed the W22 High Voltage Motors.
The W22 High Voltage Motors take advantage of the same achieved key objectives introduced with the LV motors line:

  • Reduction noise and vibrations levels
  • Increased energy efficiencies by using the same ventilation system and bearings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Using electrical design optimizations software, the technical know-how in manufacturing compact pre-formed coils and making the required mechanical changings, WEG presents its new and competitive W22 High Voltage Motors Line.
  • W22 High Voltage Motors are available for supply voltages between 1,1kV up to 6,6kV.


W50 – High Voltage


W50 - High Voltage


W50 motors offer not only excellent performance, but comply with the strictest efficiency and safety criteria in the most severe applications.

W50 provides low vibration levels, versatility and reduced maintenance.


HGF – Cast Iron Frame


HGF - Cast Iron Frame


The HGF line is differentiated by its high performance combined with low maintenance costs. This product line is ideal for operating in the toughest applications which require increased strength and durability of motors.

The HGF motors are being designed according to the highest technological standards available in the market, using modern computer software for mechanical, electrical and thermal analysis evidenced by performing rigid tests and checks. The result of this innovative development is a flexible product, suitable to the requirements of international standards and fully aligned with world market trends.

This states WEG commitment not only with customers but also with the environment, bringing global solutions more and more optimized for its products and processes.